Interior Design Case Study: Showroom in Dubai

I was invited by Mona and Frida to come to Dubai’s showroom to discuss something with them. They wanted to present “the legacy collection” during Dubai Design Week, and asked if I wanted to collaborate.

I was given a very nice space in the showroom on the right side, a room with Burj Khalifa, and I was allowed to select furniture from the new collection

Back at the Studio, I organized a workshop to come up with ideas for the project. We came up with 3 pre-concepts.

1. Strong element of design to put in ceiling as main focus.

Strong element of design to put in ceiling as main focus.

2. Involving element through all the room.

Interior design elements

3. Hand painted wallpaper surrounding the room.

Hand painted wallpaper surrounding the room.

Organized a meeting with them to present our 3 ideas and they selected the first.

Now the challenge was to choose a representative element That identifies immediately Christopher Guy brand. Obviously went to the mirrors and art work and immediately I recognize the Rosa Art work as our element.

Rosa Art work element
Rosa Art work

Then I thought how this could stand out so I thought of painting the room in black , burgundy or dark green. I also looked at the furniture of the new collection, and then after selecting the furniture,  I made a fabric selection.  Once I had chosen the furniture and fabrics, it was obvious to me that the room should be black.

Furniture for interior design
Furniture Selection
Fabrics for interior designing
Fabric Selection

The furniture was ordered 3 months before the event and we were worried it would arrive on time due to the problems of shipping during post Covid but finally all arrive on time.

2 weeks before we put the mouldings and painted in Black. Then an artist reproduced the Rosa on the ceiling in big dimension with gold leaf. Looked amazing! 3 days before we set up the furniture and done.   

During the presentation everyone liked it and said that it was Christopher Guy’s, and lots of people commented on the furniture and other elements. Success!!!

Interior Design Case Study PDF

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