by Guillermo Blanco & team

Have you moved into your house and, although you have furniture, it still looks vacant?
Does nothing you have to put in bookshelves, and on the coffee table, look right or appropriate?
Maybe you have a few items, but need more to compliment what you already have. Maybe your rooms don’t reflect your personality, your life, and your style. And you really want them to. Maybe you need someone to swoop in and change your life, your home or the look of your rooms.

That’s where we come in....

What we'll do:​

After an introductory meeting to take pictures, gather information, and survey your home or rooms you want to be transformed, we’ll go shopping. We have sources/providers. The merchants/shops allow me to borrow all kinds of beautiful things, from vases to trays to art to the smallest little horn handled magnifying glass that looks amazing on a stack of books and test them out in my projects.
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Not only that, I have my trained eye and my knowledge of all things design. I can capture YOUR personality in styling that will tell the story of your life in your home.
You get to keep it all for a few days, then let me know what you want to keep and what you might not be ready to purchase.
You pay the retail price for these items and a fee for the design. Security check has to be made for the value of the items.

We'll style and fill your home room office with beauty and a sense of your personality, in no time! 😉

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by Guillermo Blanco & team
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