On this project we used smooth décor elements of rich wood and stone, to carve out a look of luxury.

To allow these soothing natural materials to come to the forefront, the office space follow a light an laconic color palette of crisp white and warm creamy hues. A seasoning of accent wall paper and wooden cladding accents the space designs with small moments of visual weight.

The reception is given a refined and airy layout with a high-end designer lounge furniture, They-catching ceiling feature continues to the lobby partition wall, create a welcoming entry, a ribbon of LED light is installed along the vertical slats to add definition and depth the eye-catching focal point.

Implementing agile working

Today’s office designs are geared towards the experience of employees. Driven by a workforce that wants multi-tasking workstations, less noise and facilities that promote health and wellbeing, the last few years have witnessed a fast-paced revolution in the interior office design space – and there are no signs of it slowing down. Hence on this project we made sure to introduce agile office environment featuring activity-based workstations that are tailored around how employees interact and experience the workplace.

Sustainable Fabrics 

As businesses shift towards ‘green branding’ in a display of social responsibility, 2022 see an influx of sustainable fabrics flood the market, on this project all carpets and wall papers are eco-conscious using minimal chemicals and pesticides from manufacturers that conduct animal-friendly practices, ethical employment and recycled content

Final Thoughts

The design of a corporate office should reflect the nature of your business, your company culture and the needs of your employees.

Today’s interior office designs are essentially people-centred but with the ultimate goal of helping, companies meet business objectives such as increased productivity, job satisfaction, employee loyalty and retention.

The average workforce now has four generations.

With younger generations dominating the workplace, the mindset, attitudes and work ethic influence the success of a business. How employees feel about their employers is reflected in their performance.

The environment in which we spend the majority of our time impacts our mood and emotional wellbeing. Given we spend around half our time in the workplace, it makes good business sense to create an environment in which people want to spend their time. If your office space needs to be freshened up with a modern feel that matches the attitudes and needs of today’s workforce, get in contact with one of our expert designers – and prepare to transform your office