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June 5, 2017
by Designguillermo

Living room space planning Madrid

Dear Guillermo,

I have moved a to a new home and I want to adjust my furniture to the new layout of the living room. I move from a big house to a smaller house and living room has a very strange shape. How would you place the furniture in this space?

I have

  • 2 sofas 240×91
  • 1 coffee table 150×150
  • 2 armchairs
  • Several side tables
  • 1 Buffet cabinet 240x60x80
  • 1 dinning table 240×110
  • 10 dinning chairs

I enclose the layout the real state gave me but I don’t think it’s the best way to set up



Dear Amalia,

Thank you for trysting me to give you some advice.

Looking at the space of the living room and the furniture you have I this the best way is like this. It will look bigger, and the main seating area will be looking at the windows view, I sure you have very nice views. Hope its works for you. Please, send me the pictures when you set up the furniture like I told you.

Best wishes


Dear Guillermo.

Thank you very much

It looks wonderful the way so said, I’m very happy.

It looks spacious, cozy and as you said I have all the outside view from my seating area. Her are some pictures


Dear Amalia,

Looks Great!!!!! Congrats Wish you the best


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