Here ’ s a list outlining how you should prepare for our meeting:
  1. State your goals. Think about your purpose for the space we’ll be discussing, as well as the look and feel you want to achieve. Envision your ideal end result and then gather some example images of the things you like and the spaces that speak to the style you’d like to create.
  2. Specify your problems. What design dilemmas can I help you with? Make a list, starting with your most pressing issue, and then continue on down with more items needing to be improved in order of how urgent they are. During the consultation we’ll address the items in your list from the top down and go until the time is up.
  3. Think about your scope. You probably want/expect me to come up with ideas that are greater than what you’ve come up with; but it would be still be helpful for you to give me an idea of how ambitiously you’d like me to think. Do you want me to consider tearing through walls or throwing out all the furniture and starting over with your room? — OR — Do you have specific limitations in mind concerning budget, time frame, and scope? I ask because there’s no use for me to come up with grand ideas if there’s no way we’ll be able to make them happen. On the other hand, also remember: There’s no need to think too small either, especially if you are able to provide the resources to execute the project to your desired taste.
  4. Need paint color selections? Let me know beforehand so I can bring my paint decks.
  5. Remember: We only have 90 minutes, so don’t get too ambitious. I’ve covered of a lot of territory in consultations before, but I can’t design your whole house this way.
  6. Also NoteIf I arrive at your home and we come to the conclusion that you’ve just got too much to deal with and need to invest in one of my other interior design service offerings, you will only be billed 1,000 AED for a get-to-know-you meeting. Soon thereafter we will reconvene and begin working on your project with a more fitting approach.

FEES EXPLANATION-My Hourly Rate and team and how it’s billed

I work primarily on an hourly basis. My rate is 750 AED per hour. I charge 275 AED per hour for drive time, when going to a project outside Dubai. For inquires out of UAE will be charged air Ticket fare, accommodation and other expenses during traveling.

I charge for my assistants’ time when they are working on CAD drawings, sourcing products, or visiting a job site or showroom for me for your project. I do not charge for their time when they accompany me to job sites or meetings so you don’t get billed for both of us in that instance. Their time is billed out at 200/250 AED per hour, drive time included. I also have a project manager that I bill out at 275 AED per hour.

I bill either once or twice a month; this will be stated in your Agreement.

Alternatively, I can propose flat fees where I feel like they are appropriate. After our initial meeting, I determine the way to bill for your project and that is detailed in your Agreement.


We begin with your email request about your project (email me We will answer back with questions about our project. After we receive your responses, we will book our first get-to-know-you meeting. This appointment has a cost of 1,000 AED for an approximate 1 hour 30 min visit, payable prior to the meeting with PayPal, or at the meeting with a check.


After our initial meeting and we all agree we’re a good fit for each other and are on the same page, I’ll write up a Letter of Agreement, where I describe the services you are requesting and detail the payments required, etc. After that has been signed, we can get started and execute the project.

Flat fees are detailed with parameters as noted in the Agreement.

Minimum project design ACCEPTED fee is 50,000 AED, no matter how small the job.

After a construction project is started, site visits are always done additionally by the hour with a minimum of 500 AED per visit. Once a week is usually typical to help us keep tabs on things with a good contractor managing your job. We strongly encourage our clients to keep us involved this way, as that’s the best way to ensure the integrity of the design is achieved. Site visits are defined as unscheduled visits done at our convenience, to check on the job. These are not onsite meetings. Onsite meetings are done at the regular hourly rate.


If you have a tight deadline or a drop-dead date or you need me to jump on your project right now, an additional fee is assessed.


I prefer e-mail to phone calls, because I’m often out driving, on job sites, or in meetings. You’ll get my personal cell # when you sign your contract.

I’m pretty much available anytime, except FRIDAY AND SATURDAY please, but again, if it’s after hours, contact me via e-mail. I prefer to use texting only if it’s urgent, as it is not a good way to reference and keep record of our interactions and messages. Please note that all correspondence, including texting and email, is billed if project is done on an hourly basis. I cannot do weekend meetings, but I can do a late afternoon meeting during the week, no later than 8:00 pm with a one hour limit.

Please note that I have a great staff that have been handpicked and trained by me. They handle much of the day-to-day and production part of the job. On projects, I am the project designer, so all design choices and selections; all design decisions are finalized by me. They may help me with many things throughout the process, from management to errands, and much of your interaction will come through them. However, please note that I am a control freak and I am well aware of what’s going on with your project at all times.